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VICIS ZERO2 LARGE NOIR 890€ + facemask noir 120€

Vicis est de retour avec sa nouvelle version : le ZERO2.

Considéré comme le casque le plus sécuritaire jamais fabriqué, le VICIS ZERO2 est a la pointe de la technologie.


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LARGE = 54,6cm à 59cm

VICIS set out as a company intent on creating head protection and not football helmets.

The second version of their effort is now available in the form of the VICIS Zero2 Adult Football Helmet. Designed like no helmet before it, the Zero2 is a combination of science, safety and sports equipment that is built for serious players.

The Virginia Tech 5-Star rated helmet is lighter than its predecessor – the Zero1 – by 15% and easier to fit to your head with the unique DLTA pod system. The pods snap in and out of six locations in the helmet and are available in five thicknesses to help you configure it to your head shape without the help of an inflation bladder.

The deformable outer shell flexes upon impact at all points, much like a car bumper, making it like no other helmet on the market. Beneath the shell, the RFLX 2.0 padding features separate pods that buckle on impact to further disperse impact energy.

For even better performance, the compatible facemasks feature optimized vertical and horizontal sightlines for maximum situational awareness. All in all, it’s a helmet that’s produced in the lab and is made to help you produce your best on the field.

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